Linear rails for Y axis?

I was poking around on Amazon (Bad idea I know.) And came across these I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these? I know it’s a fairly expensive upgrade and what not but it would completely eliminate the Y axis drift wouldn’t it? As long as you spend the time to make it line up correctly anyway. I just thought it was a neat idea, thoughts?

I am sourcing these right now for my Y-axis through a friend’s machine shop in exchange for helping him build a MPCNC derived multi-tool CNC table. Be aware that the open-block linear bearings sound like rock tumblers with concrete boulders in them. It’s absolutely imperative that you get the alignment 100% spot on with them. Additionally, the table will need to take the rails into account, namely by raising the spoil board high enough for the X gantry router plate to rest on flat with the machine at the lowest Z position if you want to be able to mill at full bit depth. (I’ve been thinking a LOT about this type of stuff lately).

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If you pull the trigger on it post some updates! I would love to see!

And dust and these rolling dust collectors (called bearings) mix perfectly to a source of frustration and unsuppressable cursing… btdt.

Is there a reason you guys are not considering this style? These are the ones ive seen used most often.

I don’t trust my ability to line up 1800mm of them :rofl: