Lines in cut

I’m making a sign and in my design its a wider design and it leaves these horrible ugly ridges. What shoul I do?

It looks like you are using a ball end mill (has a radius on the tip). You need to either use a very small finishing stepover to reduce the height of the ridges, or use a cutter with a flat end (normal flat end mill). For this application, a flat end mill is probably the right tool for the job.

Can you take some screenshots of your estlcam settings and paths, or upload your .e10 file or gcode. Looks like a few things need to get tweaked.

Yup in about 30 minutes

here it is


I’m using a v bit

Using a V bit means you’ll have to make very small cuts to get anything close to a flat surface within those letters. A flat bit will be much better. V bits are best for carving, where there are lots and lots of small movements giving curved surfaces.

This is it… is there a way to use the v bit and do something in easlcsm to do this. cleanly.

Yes, look at my carve tutorial and it shows how to adjust the step over to get a flat bottom. Its in the how-to page.

Where’s that

Sorry it was my YouTube, settings shown at the end of the video.

ok so the wider maximum carve width?

Give it a try, do a single test letter and see what settings work best for your bit and material.