List of tool paths?

Is there some way to get a list of all the tool paths you’ve created besides the window that comes up when you simulate?

I keep looking for a view tool paths menu item that gives you a table but haven’t found it…

Can’t you run the gcode through a gcode viewer? Then it’s just about keeping your files tidy :slight_smile:

I think this list of toolpaths are the different holes and parts of a single job. When you go to the preview, it has them listed separately.

And I have not seen that. Seems like a good feature.

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Sounds like I’m not overlooking a feature that exists. Yes I was looking for a table view of what shows up in the preview with a few columns describing each row like name of selected tool and a delete and edit button similar to the end mill table.

Now you have to click around the drawing hunting for each tool path and go back to preview to get a list of what is currently in your CAM program.