Little production push day

Trying to knock out some products today. The record store I sell to has a small event coming up so he wanted to stock up. This a portion of the multitasking going today.


Awesome, super productive. Machine working while you babysit it and stay busy…might need another CNC…

That’s awesome, can’t wait till I figure our the tool paths and heights. Keep up the great stuff!

5 sets of coasters (4 per set), 3-“45” crates, and 3- “LP” crates in this order. Gotta finish putting the LP crates together and throw some clear on all the crates. Long day, but got a lot done.



Are you going to offer people the ability to order them at the event, in case someone wants more than one or you manage to be very popular?

You may not have need for it at all but it might be neat to make those record crates stackable, in other words interlocking when you put one on top of the other.

They aren’t all up yet, but his store ( has the coasters so far. @kd2018 that is a good idea, might be in the next revision.