Live Action Pong

Alright, who can build this live action pong arcade game?

Could the ZenXY be used for something like this? Rather, could it run fast enough to keep the game interesting?

ODrive with the right motors can run wicked fast. Not quite air hockey fast but more than plenty for electromechanical pong.

For Nema 17 steppers one might try for a super light gantry (corexy helps) and large pulleys with fewer steps/mm. Conduit and 608 bearings are great for cost but not super low weight, so maintaining the MPCNC theme won’t be the fastest. At least you can be glad youre not running lead screws.

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I blinked… what happened?

The ZXY could do that. Not sure what speed you’ll get. You also have to drive the paddles. You don’t need torque, so you could use bigger pulleys for speed.

Sure would be a fun project. Have you seen the Mark Rober video where he made a dart board always catch the darts at the bull’s eye?

Yes! I have seen that project, quite impressive. He’s got some cool stuff, I still want to make a custom car horn like he made.

I figure a pong game in this fashion would be a lot easier to program than tracking those dart throws.

Here’s another thought: zenxy that’s also a etch a Sketch.


I bet there is a good plugin in for something in the v1pi that could work.