Local lumber yard finally had baltic birch in stock

Had gone to both home depot and lowes looking for the usual 1/2" (12mm) plywood but both were out of stock. Had to go out to the industrial area for parts for work so swung by the “local” lumber yard. The last few times they didn’t have it but this time they had 2-5’x5’ pieces of 9 ply birch plywood, so I bought one. Managed to fit it in my work van.


I have only ever found 1/4 sheets at Rockler…but when I did they were discounted pretty heavily. It really is nice stuff.

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It’s only marginally more expensive than the stuff I normally buy but seems way higher quality. Hopefully I can continue to find it there in the future.

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It cuts like sugar cookie dough. I love it.

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I plan to cut one or two things tomorrow, can’t wait.

Just in time for good cutting weather. It is rather unfortunate the general shortage of materials we have been dealing with. It is one thing when we have to hold off on a personal project, but where I live it is next level… where probably 25% of the jobs I do for work have some material shortage on the list