location and fixing filament coil

Hello everybody
I am looking for idea for the installation of the filament coil . I have not found anything on the site. Someone he pictures, video links etc ? I am in direct drive ( like MK8 ) .
Thank you

I have them above on what used to be the conduit rack.

Looks like Ryan is building a MPCNC playground! I wonder how many machines he has?

I was thinking of doing something like this BUT for my project I will have certainly close the machine. The box may be a very large volume …
For the moment I put the coil on a horizontal tubes but the extruder do not like at all … The coil is very low and the wire does not feed properly.
I’m on the idea of closing the machine and above (outside) instaler the coil.
If I can not return to Bowden and install the spool in the box?