Logic level converter

maybe someone would know, anything about logic level converters. Need to know if I need to just change the logical voltage which is the voltage for the stepper drivers, I need 5 volts, but the the dir , pulse and enable signals I think need to be logically the same 5 volts. so what I am asking is do also use the level converts to change the dir, pulse, enable and the 5 volt voltage. Here is what I 've been working with.

I run my TB6600 drivers straight off the 3v3. The drivers have an optoisolator on their inputs that should (and indeed do) work ok on 3v3, they do require a series resistor current limitier if the signal voltage is over 5V. If you do still want to fit a quad logic level shifter then you will require a quad level shifter for each of your 4 stepper controllers (only using 3 channels of each (dir,step and enable)

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A lot of 5V devices work on 3.3V. 2.5V is less than 3.3V, so they often still work just as well.

But that diagram looks right too.

thanks. when I worked on copier machines I had problems sometimes with noise, causing logic errors, I was afraid of the errors may cause missed. But I got the motor running they are really sloppy. take off hesitating, stopping and starting weird things to, like being load and not really smooth.