Looking for a little help

Around the new year, I completed my MPCNC and was able to get it cutting using a file that was shared with me. My problem at that time was and still is, that I didn’t have a PC (yes, I’m a Mac guy) to run the Estlcam software. The file that was shared with me cut perfectly. Just after that, I got laid off, found a new job and have been working so much I haven’t gotten back to the project.

Here is my problem, my daughter is getting married soon and ask me to make two plaques to be used in her ceremony. She’s looking for one plaque (see Image1) but with slightly different verbiage. The first plaque will be about 16W X 20T. The second plaque is like Image2. This one would be about 14w X 8T.

I am hoping that someone might be willing to help generate the file for me to run through repetier to make these for my daughter. I have the machine, I’m hoping I just need the file support. If you can help, please contact me at rjallison81@gmail.com.

Thank you,


Get yourself a raspberry pi. 35 Bucks and you can run your machine over wifi…

You could try easel it’s browser based so it should work on anything. Also can you run estlcam in boot camp or an emulator?

I’m familiar with the Raspberry Pi and the OctoPrint project. I set it up on my 3D printer ande it is great. But, that’s not my problem. I think my problem is I don’t have the correct selection of software or I don’t know the correct process to use the software I’ve found.

I can make a file but I’m not having luck getting them converted to the g-code milling file needed to run on my mac with Repetier. I’m sure part of this is that I’ve not had the time to work it out and get my process working. it could still be that I haven’t got the right setup. If there are some Mac users out there, I would welcome any input for software and how you use the software to generate the cutting file. I’m imagining some may use SketchUp for the cad, then out to some software and finally maybe into a code generator.

Thank you Walter for the input.


I have been fidgeting with Easel but I must still be doing something incorrectly. When I output the file to the g-code and try to mill the part, there doesn’t appear to be any depth to the cut.

I’ll keep working with it.

Thank you