Looking for advice on "Test" sized build.

Since I’m low on space for the build in my office, I would like to keep the X Y short for testing, then take it out to the garage later and build the real table. What do you think a good small build size would be, without going too small. I don’t plan to do much if any CNC at this size, just moving a pen, possibly a printer. Also note, I do have a bit more room in the X direction than Y.


How much space do you have available?

In my office behind my desk is a triangular cubby area formed by the stairs. So on one side it has zero height, and ramps up from there. It is around 3’ deep and has maybe only 4’-5’ of usable space lengthwise. Also I need to keep it small for marital reasons. I just need it big enough to do some testing during the build, then I will replace rails and make it bigger later. I’m probably overthinking it. Just wondering how small before it’s too small to test I guess.

My build is mounted on a 24" square board. On the worst axis affected by the Z parts (older design) I only get about 12" of usable travel. I’m planning to expand at least one dimension but its totally functional right now.
Good luck

Nice, That’s pretty much what I landed on as well as I sat here with a tape measure tonight after work. What kind of things do you use yours for?

I’m just getting started but I’m mainly interested in using it like a laser to cut panels that fit together for boxes, brackets etc.