Looking for an approved spindle from China, what did you buy in last time?


I still need to buy a spindle for the MPCNC. As I read a lot that e.g. Makita/Kress 1050 are very, very loud I thought about getting a spindle from China. A lot people write that they work good and are quieter.

I looked around on Aliexpress and of course there are tons of them. I guess some will be good ones and some will have worse quality.

  1. If you recently bought a spindle from China and you are satisfied with it (in terms of quality, security etc), can you please write the seller name or give me a link to it if it is still available?
  2. I live in Germany, if anybody bought a spindle from here, can you write me what you had to pay (toll/taxes etc).
I am sure a lot of other users here would profit from a small collection of "approved" spindles

Thank you very much for you help!

  1. the ER11 48V brushed ones are relatively ok if you are patient (12k RPM max, also kinda underpowered); the 400W brushless ones are fine, but the drivers are garbage; I currently use a water cooled 800W spindle (this one) + a 2.2kw VFD (ebay, shipped from Germany) and it works well, but I doubt it reaches the advertised 24k RPM (the VFD says 21k, and judging from how low I've had to drop cutting speed it sounds about right)
  2. There are aliexpress sellers with warehouses in Germany, Italy or Spain; some of them also sell on ebay.
I'm pretty sure the only approved spindle is that yellow dewalt thing :P

At the risk of sounding sexist… The only approved spindle is the one the wife allows you to get. ?


hi @system
what did you mean?
did you talk about this driver https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000269134373.html ?
waht about that https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32973123263.html ?