Looking for Jokers and Marbles board files

I’ve played a game called Jokers and Marbles (or Jokers and Pegs) and wanted to make boards on my MPCNC… has anyone modeled the boards? I found STL files on Thingiverse

But not sure how to convert the STL back into a DXF file. I don’t really need to carve it, it’s a simple part and drill job with maybe a little engraving for decoration.

So either some DXF files or some instruction on how to convert the STL to DXF.

Thanks in advance.

I typically use OpenSCAD to do that. It’s like doing CAD work using software. A sample SCAD file to do this would look like:

//projection(cut = true)
rotate([90,0,0]) // rotate the STL
translate([0,30,0]) // translate the STL

You will have to play with the rotation and translate numbers to get the right cut plane that you are looking for (basically z=0 plane). Once you’ve got that setup, uncomment the first line and it will create the slice. Export the render as a DXF and away you go. It may take a bit of time to do the projection. Here’s the wiki link for the projection command: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/3D_to_2D_Projection


That is so simple. I am definitely putting that in my bag of tricks.

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Perfect, thanks!

I had to learn some AutoSCAD, but I’m an old programmer, so it didn’t take too long to learn… I was just thrown by the import after the other commands…

Another issue I had was with the piece itself, but all I did was 3 different slices, top, middle, and bottom, then stacked them in Inkscape for the full view. Once I grouped them, I saved it all!

I will definitely remember how to do this for future projects!

Thanks again!