Looking for lowrider 2 in France, Europe

Hi everyone, after looking for a while on different CNC sites/forums, I felt in love with the Lowrider. I am planning on cutting mainly plywood to make children furniture and toys for our extended family and for that I think the 4’x8’ work area should fit the bill. Others have suggested the Workbee and I am still open for recommendation but the Lowrider seems to be the semi-final decision.
However, living in France means exorbitant import tax and shipping from the US, I wonder if there is anyone who would like to sell their machine or parts in Europe.
Full disclosure: I’m a data scientist who tinkers with electronics recently and has some experience in 3D printing but not CNC yet.
Thanks a lot for your input and offers :slight_smile:
PS: our family produce organic Bordeaux so I can send you a couple of bottles in exchange for parts as well :smile:

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I believe the license page has all licenced vendors listed.


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Thanks a lot Jeff, Dan R’s link is no longer active while Simon B has only MPCNC and not Lowrider :frowning: I will contact Simon to see if he can print the other parts for me or I’ll just order the whole package from the US

If it didnt work out let me know and i can help you get it printed no problem :smile: