Looking for Primo 52mm Spindle mount

Hey guys, I’ve tried searching the forums for information on how to attach a 52mm spindle to the Primo. A friend gave me a spindle he no longer uses and I got a $30 controller so while I’m still just dipping my toes into the water and using the CNC inside my house I figure its a good first option. I’m hoping someone else could speed up my progress by directing me to where I can find a mount that will connect to the Primo core.

I’m still working out the details but I’ve got an enclosure planned as well to control the dust and dampen the noise as much as possible!

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Ryan has now modeled a 52mm mount. You can find it here: https://github.com/V1EngineeringInc/MPCNC_Primo_Tool_Mounts/tree/master/52mm%20Mount

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I printed out this spindle mount and I can’t figure out how it supposed to mount to my Primo. None of the holes line up and it looks like it will not clear the bearings. Is there a back plate that goes between the mount and the Primo that I also need to print?

There are two plates that go between the mount and the tubing. These plates are part of the Primo files that Ryan provides. They are named Upper_Tool_Plate and Lower_Tool_Plate.

Edit: You probably already figured it out, but you also need the Nut_Trap for each tube to hold the nuts inside the tube.

Thank you. I didn’t realize those plates were a different size from the Burly tool mount plate. Printing them out now!