Looking for some help

Hi heres a odd request. Looking to see if there is anyone in wisconsin with a MPCNC
i just finished mine .Looking to see if someone would teach me a little about it.

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What part of Wisconsin?


The town is Mukwonago its around the Milwaukee area.

Mukwonago its near Milwauke

I’m in Waukesha near Fox River church.

I’ve had a Burly for a few years.
Been considering upgrading to a Primo for a while & for multiple reasons, but if it ain’t broke…

It doesn’t have nearly as many hours on it as I wish but I’ve tried a variety of tools and techniques; 2d, 2.5d, v-carves, laser, dragknife on vinyl.

It’s truly awesome and it’s always fun to bounce ideas around.

I’m in Sun Prarie (Madison area). What questions do you have?