Looking for someone to print

Looking for someone to print this for me. Cost?

That is licensed non commercial. I think you need permission from leo to print it for money. That being said, if you could get his attention, I doubt he would mind.

I talked to him, he said ok.


I could print it for you. Just cover material and shipping.

I have several colors of pla, some petg and raptor pla. If you want something else or something i dont have just send a roll to me, and all youll need to pay for after that is shipping.

Fish Taco,

You still up to print https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1877336 ?




Hey sorry larry, i got into a big project that im designing. Ive been pretty busy with that. If you still need it printed i can try to squeeze it in next week, while i wait for my filament. Let me know, if i dont respond here you can send me a message on twitter it goes right to my phone. https://mobile.twitter.com/chris_frieze


That Ok, I found some one to do it .

Thanks, Larry

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Back to looking for someone to print this for me https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1877336

Thanks, Larry

Hi Larry, what sort of material/color/infill were you looking for?

Hi, On thingiveres it has PLA. I don’t care what color.


Ok, I’ll follow the recommended infills on thingiverse, unless you’d like something more.
I plan to use Inland filament at $15 dollars a Kg-- it’s worked good for my lowrider print.
Looks like I’ll need approximately 1.75 Kg.
Besides the head and tail piece, everything else gets printed twice. Right?
Just cover materials and shipping upon completion.

We can communicate at someoldguycoding@outlook.com
Send me an email, and I’ll keep you informed of the progress.
I go back to work tomorrow, but I should be able to dig into it on Friday, if the materials arrive.

I’ll get the materials ordered.