Looking for tool mount

Hello and good day everyone.

I am trying to find a parasolid or step file for the tool mount, so that i can use that geometry to make a better E3D-V6 hotend mount. The only file I found was on thingiverse and that was a mount that attached to the main tool mount. What I am needing is the mount that has the 4 bolts bolting it to the actual z rails. Any leads or an idea for where I can find such a file? I am looking for something I can modify in Solidworks Student or Inventor.

Also, since I am thinking about it. On my machine (large 3D printer) I have noticed that on my center assembly that the bearings closest to the bottom don’t really touch the X and Y rails. I tightened up tension bolts A and they improved to making slight intermittent contact. Ideas?

Good question.

Could you please give us some dimension drawings at least of the tool plate ?

you should be using the blank tool mount. Taking of the mounting plate is not a good idea it holds the z axis geometry.

Best practice is a bolt on mount, so the uses can quickly add or change functions. Not changing to tool mounting plate.

And I have included a parasolid so it is easy to work with.

Damnnnnnn that’s a quick reply! haha nice nice!

No off course i won’t be taking the complete tool mount off, i asked about the dimensions because i want to design my own mount for various uses like,laser, pen holder, etc.

Where can i find the parasolid file ? am i overlooking something ?

And i want to thank you for engineering and sharing the MPCNC!!, i had a lot of fun building it. i really like the engineering on the parts.
I envy you as a beginning CAD noob haha.

will be starting the wiring and testing next week.

Once again, many thnx!

Thank you for all the complements! and your welcome glad you like it!