Looking to buy flat stock parts

I’m getting ready to order the LR2CNC kit along with all the other parts, but it appears there are no 25.4" flat stock parts available. Does anyone know where I can get them, or when they’ll be available?

I’m super excited to get started, even though I’m probably totally in over my head.

If you look at the product page for the flat parts there is a link to Dan’s PayPal. He is offering them in both sizes less expensive than I can and even donating from each sale, Win win!


Is there a way to make the out of stock button be the link? I wonder if there are people patiently waiting for them to be back in stock.

We have tried a few things.

Drop shipping would be best but the minimum to be able to do that with split orders is $90/month for a shipping upgrade (again I would maybe break even on a good month, maybe). I did an experiment with drop shipping hats, the only instructions on the hat were “please do not combine this with hardware orders or they will be refunded” …yup, most of them were mixed orders and I lost money on each hat sold, so I just upped the price.

Direct link to Dan’s paypal product, could work as at least a button from the parts page. Dan has just implemented a size option and we are giving it a test period (probably proven itself by now). Not as slick as a link from the shop though.

The only other option is shipping them in bulk to me…probably the next step.