Low profile clamp addiction

For the last few months, been doing nothing but low profile clamp designs. Figured I’d make a post for people to share designs.

I’ll post my designs later (but should I use thingiverse? I feel like it’s dieing)


I like these, I might have to steal some of these ideas.

I’m looking for a clamp design that grabs by the sides but pulls downward in addition to clamping inward. Have you seen such a thing?

I think most low profile clamps will do that if you make the face that mates with your piece is angled, rather than flush. It requires that your clamp is higher than your part. I’m working on a clamp right now that clamps only downwards, but is minimally above it.

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One of my designs (will post later) slides at a 45 degree, so as it grabs, it pulls down

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I just printed 4 sets of these:

It should apply some sideways pressure due to the curved shape as the pressure makes it want to flatten out.

I haven’t tried them yet, but it looks like a good design.

This is what I’m working on now, very similar to the clamp. Working out some of its dimensions.


No it’s not from Tron

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You might get some inspiration from some commercial offerings:

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The first time I saw mitee bites… I know what my life was devoted to

Newest design.

I’ll probably be posting my fusion files later today for anybody interested in trying to make these on their MPCNC. I made these at work out of steel, but aluminum will work wonderfully.

I’ll have to adapt some of these designs for 3d printing.