Low Rider 2 Rugged 6x12 Build

Going with rugged design aluminum 611 plat milled Plastic XY Plates








Aluminum 611 plate with a laser! Cool. What kind of aluminum is that?

Its from my old MPCNC hot Bed not sure what type but its very Rigid no flex most of the videos I see them their 611 plate flex when they enter Material i am trying to eliminate that. I have the File from ESTLCAM if you want it the holes on front and back are for 12mm Line Lasers so I can make X at Router Center and X at Laser Center will put on switch for alignment.

I wanted to Use that Trochaidal Milling Bunt my Arduino would just lock up as soon as I tried to run Code.

611_plate-W-LSR-30MMS.zip (39.9 KB)