Low Rider Dual Endstop Firmware

Hello forum,

i built myself a LowRider2 & am mostly finished. I now have a problem with the dual Endstop firmware. I am using a RAMPs 1.4 Board.
I want to be able to drive & home the two Z-Steppers independently via the dual endstop firmware, however it is configured to have two X-Steppers (because it’s written for the MPCNC obviously).

So basically, I would like to change the E0 stepper driver from X-axis to Z-Axis.

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I guess the Firmware then needs reconfiguring Pins for Z-Endstops aswell?

thanks for your time and expertise

If you just want dual Z motors, that is very easy. The settings are in Configuration_adv.h. Starting with the mpcnc dual endstop firmware and disabling the dual endstops, then swapping dual X motors for dual Z motors will get you there.

To enable dual endstops in X is also pretty easy. It’s right in that same section on Configuration_adv.h.

Dual Z endstops is harder. Since the LR sits in its min it’s not good to have it sit on switches. You also have pretty good hard endstops. Hard endstops on a 5 ft lever arm is pretty darn square and repeatable if you ask me.

If you want to home to Zmax, then you can, but you need to set the home dir to +1, Set the Z2 endstop to the Ymax, and then plug your endstops into Zmax and Ymax.

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And don’t forget to set your bed size. The dual endstop firmware has soft stops enabled.

Thanks for telling me where to look! I still don’t really understand the code, but I somehow got it to work the way I wanted :slight_smile: thanks

High five!