Low Rider V2 for Sale

Hey folks. I am considering parting with my low rider v2. Ive cut a few things on it, but it was a fun project that I guess I just never got that fully in to :). Everything works great. 3d Printed parts are all carbon fiber, 4 perimeters, VERY strong.

I am located in Des Moines Iowa if anyone is interested. I suppose , since im not including a table I could ship it.
Also trying to get a decent idea of what it is all worth. I can take some pictures as well tomorrow if there is interest.
Mainly a feeler post to gauge interest in it.
Thank you

Here is one of the cribbage boards I made with it .

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im in toledo ohio,if you still have this id like to chat with you

lets chat.

davidkeller1103@gmail.com shoot me a email and well swap numbers or something …and ty for the reply

has been sold.