Lowrider 2 belt assembly troubles!

Hey there E1 Pros!
I’m in a situation where I’m trying to put my belt tensioners onto my table but I’m afraid that the surface. May be too small /or not enough clearance to mount on because of the disign to my work table. Please feel free to drop a comment :microphone::microphone:

If the tabletop is solid wood you should be able to predrill the holes and attach the tensioners.

That table doesn’t look super accurate though so you probably want to add at least a rail to the sides anyway even if it’s just a bit 2" strip of ply.

If it were me I’d pick up a stick of superstrut from HD and screw that to the sides being careful to square the rails to each other.


So from what I understood when installing the unistrut is when it’s attached to the side walls of the table it should then be used to support the belts?
Lastly how accurate does it have to be when attaching the, Parallel or it can have okay room?

Here’s mine:

As you can see the wheels run on top of the strut and the belt on the side. I shimmed and adjusted the rails to be perpendicular to each other to within .5mm


Okay i see I got a clear idea one thing about the piece that’s holding the belt is it the same dimensions as the original?

Also your Track that sits on top of the XZ what’s the angle & where Is a good store to get it from?
Secondly, can you share the additional information you put into your bills that made it easier to adjust please & thanks

The rail is called unistrut or superstrut you can buy them at Home Depot or Lowe’s in the electrical dept. the link is in one of my comments above.

All the bits of my build are linked on my build post at

It’s just a cosmetic cap over a socket head m4 screw. The screw by itself works just fine.

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I’ve added the cap to thingiverse: