Lowrider 2 "Black and Yellow" in Erie, PA

Here’s my build in action making my first official project. Everything exactly as described by the stock build instructions except with a custom case for the SKR 1.2 Pro and a custom case that slides on the V channel for the TFT35. I can post the models on Thingiverse for anyone interested in printing them.

This project has been a revelations for me now that this build is square and most of the bugs and beginners errors are covered. The fact that I can build a project like this cabinet I designed solely in Fusion 360, cut it and have it be near perfection without having to wrestle with my subpar wood working skill is amazing. If you are a decent designer and have the space you can make nearly anything with this. Entrepreneurial types could have this paid for in a few projects once they know how to use it. Whoever designed this thing, Bravo!


I have the feeling watching machines do things just never gets old. :grin:

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Well done! Nice first project too.
Would love to get a copy of the SKR 1.2 and TFT35 cases!

That looks great! I would also be interested in the case models.

Awesome. Nice work!

Bravo! Another vote to post your cases to Thingiverse. :slight_smile:

Case are now on Thingiverse.

Be kind I only started 3D modeling a few months ago!


Cool thanks!