Lowrider 2 build in Gothenburg, Sweden

Hello there!

After some years into my 3D-printer journey, I want to dip my toes into CNC milling. I chosed the lowrider 2 due to the large print (not print… cut?) volume to a low cost.

My progress so far:

  • Print all parts (Almost done)
  • Source all hardware (Done)
  • Cut the plates (Not started)
  • Source electronics (I have some Nema17, BTT SKR mini 2.0, etc from 3D-printer builds that I hope to reuse)
  • Test the electronics
  • Source the End mills and other miscellaneous parts
  • Assemble everything

Thank you Daniel Silén for the great tips on the wardrobe rail:

Some of the printed and half assembled parts:

My Mk3S+ is working hard to finish all the parts:


The Stephan big block under the printer trick, I like it!

Thanks! Yes, it works wonders for the sounds/vibrations from the printer (with some foam under the block). I first saw this in CNC Kitchen on YouTube. I highly recommend it!

The best 5 dollar upgrade to a printer, by far!!

oh I need to move this up on the ‘todo’ list, thanks

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Lycka till :slight_smile:

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