Lowrider 2 built with spindle and plasma table foundations

So finally got my build up and running in its first stage.
Decided to get the spindle variant up and running first before I go down the plasma route.

Dunno if it’s normal or my table design, but the mill bit sits very low (in between the slats).
Below are some pictures of it raised up on carriage stands that are about 85mm high.

Should I try to make my table deeper or is it fairly easy to account for this with the gcode?


I think Ryan mostly designed it for a dewalt (like) router, which doesn’t have anything close to the stick out of that spindle.

Ok true.
I can potentially move it up a little as it has a couple of notches that can’t be seen just above the chuck area / where the mdf is, will need to add this into my holder design up top to ensure its stable.
But so far just testing the waters to see if my mount is strong enough.

Nice build, I really like your electronics enclosure! I have been looking for one for a bit for my build and have printed several but have not found one I like. May I ask where you got it or if you could please share?

I think i recognize the LCD enclosure but that didn’t fit my TFT V3 so i found another I liked and modded it to fit on my L angle, but i still have not found anything for the main board.

Thanks in advance!

Yeah the LCD enclosure is Ryan’s I think. Printed it ages ago.
The board enclosure is my design.
I just need to find time to add in an extra hole for the usb port on the board. Then I can upload it for you.

Update on build.
Introducing my variable belt clip system, which will be used to resize the belt / table length when the table is extended.
After a few tests I found the clips can get a little loose, so I designed a stop / back cap to lock it in place.

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Brilliant idea… love the belt locking system. Is it made from both PLA and aluminium ?

Yes the printable part is just PLA, very quick to print. Have noticed that after a couple of dozen fitments it tends to get a little worn in and around the rivet so it doesn’t click in as well. But I wouldn’t really say u would be moving them much and due to it being incredibly quick to whip up another it’s fine by me.
The clamp itself I’m not sure about, just a lashing clamp found at my local hardware store, get 2x for <$5. It’s either Aluminium or steel, but plenty strong for the application.