LowRider 2 flat parts needed

Does anyone have flat parts for the lowrider 2 for sale? I live in TX. Would be happy to PayPal you for the parts.

Hi, I would also be interested. I planning on buying the LowRider but realized the flat parts are sold out! Do you when they will be available? I am in Quebec, Canada. Or do we have cut files and check here locally if someone can make them for me? I will when my lowrider is bought and made lol

Hi Romuald.

When you purchase the parts from V1Engineering and if the lowrider flat parts are still out of stock I will make you a set for you. I live in Ottawa so shipping won’t be too expensive. Maybe you can grab a few items from V1 store for me and we both can save.

What would you like to get on the store?

Don’t you guys have a hacksaw?

Maybe you can just print the flat parts to scale on a piece of paper, glue this paper on a board and then cut and drill holes accordingly. It shouldn’t be difficult at all, and then once done you could use the finished lowrider to cut cleaner plates later.

Just a suggestion in case you haven’t thought of it.

3 x. 1/16" 2 Flute Carbide EndMill

1 x. GT2 10mm Belt

6 x. 20T Idler GT2 10mm

3 x. Pulley 16 Tooth GT2 10mm

I can do Lowrider V2 Flat parts if you need.

The ones I have been doing are with design and cost a bit more but can provide standard cutouts also if preferred.