Lowrider 2 flip up table for only $45 in Austin TX

I’m moving to Europe and it’s cheaper to make a new table there than to move this one over the ocean. . Available for pickup between 05/26 and 05/30. Hoping someone can speed up their project or get into LR2 with it. PM or TXT 310 259 0519 if interested.


  • 2x4 ladder style design - 115x57 inches total footprint.
  • Stands about 37" from the ground
  • Full sheet, 8x4’ cut area with 1 inch on both axes to spare.
  • 1/2" MDF bed
  • Flips on the long side for easy storage
  • Locking casters for moving it around

Not included: router, gantry, belts, etc. It’s just the table.