Lowrider 2 flip up table for only $45 in Austin TX

I’m moving to Europe and it’s cheaper to make a new table there than to move this one over the ocean. . Available for pickup between 05/26 and 05/30. Hoping someone can speed up their project or get into LR2 with it. PM or TXT 310 259 0519 if interested.


  • 2x4 ladder style design - 115x57 inches total footprint.
  • Stands about 37" from the ground
  • Full sheet, 8x4’ cut area with 1 inch on both axes to spare.
  • 1/2" MDF bed
  • Flips on the long side for easy storage
  • Locking casters for moving it around

Not included: router, gantry, belts, etc. It’s just the table.


Is table still available, in San Antonio.

Sorry. It’s not available any more.

how long are the 2x4 next to the floor on the legs. It looks like it says 16 inches. ?

Yep. I made it as narrow as possible while it was still not tipping over too easily. I’d recommend 18-20 inches or so, there wasn’t too much advantage in making it so narrow as router and z pipes extend beyond that anyway.

Does stand pretty well with 18-20 inches. You’d think you would need more. But at that amount I could get it through a door way easy. So how high is it with the rollers off?

how High are the legs? I am going to build a pair here soon. I can’t find any plans anywhere.

Hi Dean!

The center is about 33 tall as measured from the bottom of the 2x4-s while not taking casters into account. This measurement should be visible from one of the pics. I initially messed up and made the center too short, that’s why you see this weird stacked configuration being used with a horizontal bar in the middle. I don’t know how long the four corner legs were but these should really be made adjustable, I was lazy and just nibbled them to size to fit the preferred location for my table. Garage floors are hardly ever nice and even. These are for stabilization only, you want most of the weight to be carried by the center.

Center height should be half the width of your table plus an inch or so for the belts and pivoting clearance. My table was 57 wide so it came out at about 29.5 inches of required clearance. Add 3.5 to account for the sandwiched bottom of the T and you get to 33.

I don’t have plans as I was mostly building it ad-hoc. I do have a partial F360 file but that only covers the top. Feel free to improve it https://a360.co/3i2ZArm

lr2-foldable-table.zip (324.0 KB)

Please share if you do :slight_smile: