Lowrider 2 for sale Glendale AZ

Selling my Lowrider 2 with 4’x8’ with table, $600 obo. I built it this past February but need the garage space for summer as well as looking to move soon. Since I’m new to the forum, I can only post 1 pic :frowning:. It’s also on Phoenix CL, so you can search for it for more pictures.

Parts List:

  • Lowrider2 Kit with printer/routed parts
  • MKS GenL Board with 5 8802 drivers
  • Raspberry Pi 3b+ with octoprint and PiCam
  • Full graphic smart controller screen
  • Dewalt variable speed router w/ extra bits
  • Drag chain for X
  • Vacuum hose attachment
  • Custom case with dual 50mm (5015) blower fans
  • Extra side panels, cables and 3d printed part

I forgot to list the price, $600 obo…not sure why I can’t edit my own post :frowning:

Lol, I guess you can’t edit a post until you reply a couple of times…now I have ‘permission’

Hi, I would like to know if you can send me a picture of a few Project you did with and what is the with of your table
I like the color you choose. I’m interested to buy it.
Best regards,
819 475 7547

I have a buyer lined up tomorrow morning, I will contact you if it’s still available

Still available!