Lowrider 2 from Indonesia with 2.2Kw Spindle

i have finished building LR2, in process i found few trouble,

  1. purchased 1 inch stainless tube but when measure it with caliper it was 26mm, so i made some modification with the J Spacer

  2. try to lift spindle with 5kg weight, but it not lifted, check the vref and set to 0.7 (my 17hs8401 motor current is 1.8 amps, it is enough or over?) then the spindle can be lifted

  3. my z axis little not straight, it is because of oversized tube? but it still can move up down, i am not sure if it can work well

  4. i am try to search 2.2kw spindle mount, but im not found any, so i built one, if anyone want to modified it i can share the file