Lowrider 2 homing issues

Hi all,

I spent today rigging up my z axis end stops but I’m having trouble with homing. It seems like only one side at a time will “listen” to its endstop, while the other will go past and just smash into the switch. I’ve seen either side do. Maybe both sides are intermittent and I just think it’s doing one side or the other. Either way, any advice? m119 appears to report the switches correctly. I’ll add pics if I can figure out how to from my phone

It sounds like you have the Z1 motor next to the Z2 endstop and visa versa.

The M119 results don’t make any sense to me. But I don’t know what you have triggered to make that happen.

Oh interesting! I’ll swap them and see what happens. Thanks!

Thanks so much! That’s exactly what it was. I feel like a moron for assuming the motor in front of me was z1 vs z2.

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I was sure that I built my LR2 with Y1 and Z1 on the X Min side… But I had Z1 on the X Max side and Y1 on the X Min side. It didn’t matter though because I did have the endstops set up next to the correct motors.

I discovered that I apparently carried the wiring setup over to the LR3, as it’s the same way, but again, it doesn’t matter.