Lowrider 2 / Mini-Rambo 1.3 X and Y axis quit

I purchased all my parts individually from V1 assembled a lowrider and used it some but was in the process of calibrating when first my x axis started shuddering then it quit responding all together now neither my x or y axes respond. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

Please disregard. I found a connection issue that resolved everything.

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I thought I had toasted something when I moved around the gantry when powered off. Is there any danger of doing damage to the electronics by doing this, if so, is there a way to protect the electronics?

I’ve gently moved axes on 3d printers and my Burly mpcnc for years without issue on both RAMPS and CNC Shield installations. I don’t whip them back and forth but do sometimes move them fast enough to see LED’s on the control boards blink a bit.

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Tom, thank you for the reply, that sets my mind at ease. I was thinking I might have to install diodes or a smoother to deal with that. My cnc is working again after I found the connector that pulled apart. Now I need to work on making it more accurate and rigid. Would love to install z axis end stops also.