Lowrider 2 (NEMA 23 upgrade)

I just finished upgrading my Lowrider 2 to NEMA stepper motors last night. I will begin running it through its paces later this morning. My NEMA 23 parts are based on Ryan’s original NEMA 17 parts. I am using Bart Dring’s MPCNC ESP32 board with his external driver adapters.


That looks like an awesome setup. Those motors are huge! How are you liking the Bart board? Did you use the low rider configuration as-is, or did you have to configure anything for it?

The only change to Bart’s board was the steps per mm: 640 steps for X and Y and 3200 steps for Z. The external drivers are configured for the max pulses: 25600. I am using the WebUI interface on my ASUS tablet to control the CNC.

I am setting up some simple square and circular patterns to test DOCs at 6mm and 9mm on plywood. Before I was losing steps and ruining my plywood. Cabinets don’t look good when the cuts are wrong…

My next upgrade will be to add two X-rails above the existing (like Karlis Zalitis did on his Lowrider)…

In case you missed it I am using Bart’s opto boards in the stepper sockets…


I saw those on tindie, and I thought they were pretty interesting. It really creates a lot of opportunity for setups like this. Very cool.

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I’ve been anxious to try out my machine all day, but I have to make sure Momma has new shoes, right?

So finally I caught a break a few minutes ago and ran a simple cut: a circular piece (8" dia) inside a square piece (10"). I set it for 9mm DOC and fired it off. It cut through the 3/4" plywood like it was hot butter…

It WAS a bit louder though…

Did you change the stainless tubes to accommodate changes in weight and cutting forces?

My initial build used 1" stainless tubing because I was concerned about the 6’ span. I just returned home from a trip to Metal Supermarkets in Phoenix. Six new pieces of 1" x 6’ SS tubing…

Time to beef up the gantry…

This looks great! Would you be wiling to share the modified STL’s?

I decided to create a shared folder, Lowrider 2, on my Google Drive. It contains the STLs for my NEMA 23 parts. I just realized that I should also upload DXFs as well. I will add those soon. I have not created these yet. Here is the link to the folder:


I have added the DXFs. The Y-plate is modified from Karlis Zalitis’ version that allows 2 extra wheels below the spoilboard. The router plate is for my Bosch 1617EVS. You should be able to easily modify this to work with your router.

Thank you Tom! I have some Nema 23’s left over from a previous project that I can now use for my Lowrider build :slight_smile:

Please share your thoughts/suggestions on these parts as you use them. Enjoy!

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I was wondering what voltage you are running your drives at? I am working on a Lowrider2 and have bought the db6600 drives. I am planing on running the drives at 42 volts as it almost quadruples the max rpm over 12v. I’m going to use the nema 17’s to start.

I am powering Bart Dring’s custom controller for the MPCNC/Lowrider with a 24VDC PS and 5 external drivers (DM542S) /NEMA 23 steppers with a 36VDC PS. I am connecting these with Bart’s opto boards in the controller’s stepper sockets.

IMPORTANT: My Lowrider 2 is the Jumbo (J) build using 25.4cm (1") tubing…
Were you planning for a “J” build?

Thanks for the concern Tom. I am. Fortunately for me, it’s far easier to get 25.4mm tubing in South Africa than 25 mm tubing.


I am actually using SS tubing.

At this rate I am going to run out of SS tubing before I start on my Primo…


That’s a robust looking lowrider.

I decided to stiffen the gantry by doubling the rails since I am using NEMA 23 motors and a much heavier router (Bosch 1617EVS). About to replace the router with a 2.2KW (3HP) spindle.

I finally got a break from my house renovating long enough to play with my Lowrider. So I decided to load a sheet of 3/4 BB ply and run the g-code for the 5th setup in my cabinet design.