Lowrider 2 on GRBL

Can anyone recommend a good Controller board and firmware that I can use to run GRBL on a Lowrider 2? I need to be able to Auto Square.

Better minds will be along shortly, but I know the following: You’ll want the mega-grbl5x(?) fork that properly supports 5 drivers. From there, it comes down to getting a supported board. Classic RAMPS won’t work, as the UNOs can’t handle enough drivers. But I think the Rambo boards, or the Mega based boards might handle 5 drivers, as do the the SKR boards. There’s been a lot of work done with the ESP32 boards, but it’s still some leading-edge stuff (i.e., you’ll likely still have some work to do).

Take this with large amounts of salt, I’m flying on iron core memory here, and someone spilled their milling shavings…

The CNC shield/Arduino Uno is limited to 4 drivers (3 axes and 1 clone), so can’t do auto-squaring.

“Classic” RAMPS (RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield) sits on top of an Arduino Mega and natively supports 5 drivers, so should be able to do auto-squaring running grbl-mega5x. I know it can do auto-squaring with appropriate settings in Marlin.

I only have grbl running on the CNC shields, so don’t have any direct experience running grbl on RAMPS. I’ve got a RAMPS board in my home-built Prusa i3 clone, but it runs Marlin.

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Like I said, better minds… :wink:

Someone on the FB group was talking about using a MKS Gen L v1.0 which is basically a Mega 2560 and RAMPS 1.4 5 driver board. It should do the job just fine, but I don’t have any experience.with the Mega GRBL fork at all.

If someone wants the board wirh DRV8825 drivers on it, I still have the one I pulled from my Primo when I switched to the Duet board and RRF firmware sitting here…