Lowrider 2 post processor Noobie setup HELP!

As I’m working through a few kinks with setting up a raspberry pi. I have decided I might as well get fusion set up so I can export some code when I get there.
So I have the hobbyist version of the fusion 360.
(Upload pics in order of navigation)
I opened up fusion and went to the mfg tab> clicked on g1/g2 post process>

At this point, I’m unsure if or what to select that will
Match up my machine configuration for the lowrider 2.
The guy I bought this from had 3 files he sent me. I don’t know where I post those.
Here are those

In short I’m unsure if I need to pick the machine confit to generic 3axis and then >post >library and > select grlbl for the milling post.

Thanks guys and sorry to sound so dumb, lol seems I’m asking a lot last day or so but anxious to put this thing to work

Assuming you are running a control board with Marlin firmware, none of the prepackaged Fusion 360 postprocessors will work. You will need to install a new postprocessor. You can find a download link in this topic.

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My setup screen looks different than the fellas that he posted. Where he inputted the information. Any obvious reason for this? I downloaded the hobbyist personal user version about 2 months ago, id guess its up to date and Im using windows 10.
The three files that i listed, where do you drop files from the zip folders?

Fusion 360 forces you to stay up to date, so you will have the latest version. The easiest way to install the postprocessor is to unzip the files to a known place on your computer. Then in Fusion 360 in the Manfacture workspace:

You click on the “G” icon on the tool bar bringing up the dialog, then click on the highlighted icon to import the postprocessor. If for some reason you want to do this by hand, I can look up the file location where you must put the files.

I will try and see what I have for updates? But don’t think I do. Mainly at this point just wanna be able to get the processor hooked up whether be by hand. I have the files he sent me on desk top. Believe took pictures of those that he used with this.

I’m just looking for the solution to be able to make g code and get it to the low rider. Under the impression I was hoping to get the hang of this quickly but now I realize it’s def more than just plug and play

Appreciate any help can give man in getting the post processor setup with the router.
Also can you just drop g code file into a sd card and then load the sd card into the controller?

Expanding on my previous post:

  • Start Fusion 360
  • Go the Manufacture workspace

Then follow what I wrote in my previous post.

Alternately you can copy the files(s) directly. You can put them in:

C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Appdata\Roaming\Autodesk\Fusion 360\CAM\Posts

Note that the “Appdata” folder is hidden, so you have to turn on “Show hidden files…” in the file browser to see it.


Also can you just drop g code file into a sd card and then load the sd card into the controller?

Yes. If you have an SKR Pro board, you need to use the slot in the display, not the slot control board. For the Rambo board, you will only have the slot in the display. You will have to use the menu on the display to select the file and run it.

Okay got to the local tab> then it shows fusion> has a blank line on bottom where file name would be and post configuration.
This is where I would bring in those files?

When I went to the folder that I created with the three he sent me. Only two show up ??

Neither one of those files open anything up so guessing something wrong with those?

Okay so I clicked on our previous file suggestion from flyfisher604. Unzipped the file and then saved to desk top. Believe he has config this to work with the lowrider as well? I dropped it in. It took the file. From here what is the best way to get it and so it’s saved? That way this doesn’t have to be repeated. Do you click run without restrictions? Do I have to edit the selected or just hit export selected?

Appreciation of most gratitude man! For helping me

I went back out and then just clicked on the milling tab and selected create nc. Program. Under settings > opened the fly fisher cps. Program and it populated post properties on the right. Guessing we’re half way there to making chipppssss???
Does the output folder need to be changed to anything??

Extension shows .gcode
Also the unit. That should be changed to MM? That’s what the guy said he ran this machine in.

For my lowrider
Is there any properties that I should change from these in any of the groups? Should I match what he used from these below numbers and change them in fly fishers?

This is what he had under his post that he emailed.