Lowrider 2 Rambo Board z axis goes down on start

When I start a job, the z axis just buries itself into the material. Using a Rambo board with endstops. Everything works fine until I start a job. Is this a post processor issue?

I have video but can’t upload here

Where are you setting your coordinates?

If you send

G0 X0 Y0 Z0

through the terminal the spindle should go to the top of the workpiece at the lower left corner. (Typical)

This can represent a different point, depending on the way that you do your work, but most CAM applications want this to be the top lower left.

If you set Z=0 to be at the spoilboard, then as soon as you start the job, Estlcam (for example) will go down to your “safe height” typically 5mm (I have mine set to 3mm) for travel. If you’re starting on top of 1/2" material, that will seem to be a plunge into the workpiece, then if there’s a cut there, it will plunge further, right into the spoilboard.

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In the estlcam basics, you will see a few lines of starting code there. Sounds like you might be missing the G92 to reset your coordinates at some point.

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You have G00, you need a G92 in there.

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Is there a post processor specifically for the low rider to be used with aspire?

Yes, see here:

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