Lowrider 2 The Netherlands

My lowrider 2 cnc is ready for action :slight_smile:

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Nice, now get it dirty! :slight_smile:

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Fancy, I love it!!!

Cool design! Enjoy it!

Veel plezier ermee :wink:

Hello to all

kindly advise while using this machine for the commercial purposes ( usage time 3 to 6 hours per day) what are the advantages and disadvantages in your experienced. Because I have a plan to use this CNC for fabrication work shop

Notes for your better understand.
1.my Work Space is 1300 mm X 3000 mm.(fab sheet size)
2.my Tool head is marking pen (to draw on sheet )

GANI, probably better to start a new thread and ask more specific questions. There is also a lot of info linkes in the top menu bar to better understand what is needed. Reading through the assembly instructions and the CAM tutorials will help you understand what is required.

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Nice… Have fun with it!