Lowrider 2 Y Stepper Motors not moving at same rate

Working on my lowrider today setting it up. I am using a mini Rambo board so I am using a Y plugged with one stepper plugged into each branch, and then the main plugged into my board. Would one side of the machine move faster than the other. When manually moving from the x 0 y 0 in the positive y the machine will bind in like 250mm or less. any idea why?

Did I not wire it right? Is something not square and I need to square it up? Any ideas?

Can you measure the difference with a tape measure? Is it consistent between runs?

You do need to start them square before you engage the motors.

Are the pulleys the same? Having one 20T and one 16T would cause problems.

Your belts are the normal black ones, right? The white steel ones can break and then stretch.

Every nema17 motor I’ve used are 200 steps / rotation, but some of them are different. You can’t change them with wiring, because it’s based on the number of magnets inside. If you have different motors, maybe one of them is odd?

If one of them was slipping (the pulley was loose, or the wiring was bad and it was skipping steps) then this would also happen.

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You are driving the motors in parallel? What current have you set? Are the motors “matched” (same model/specs)?

Do the results change if you try different speeds?

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I did not get a chance to get back at it yesterday. I will probably not get the chance to get back out there until Saturday at the soonest. Thank You all for your responses, and I will read, check and answer everything, including if I find a solution, and post results then. Thank You Again.