LowRider 3 CNC, LR3 Release notes

Get ready, here we go, slowly over the next few days I will try to keep these first two posts updated with the relevant info on the LR3.

Print files - Printables

Instructions - LowRider CNC V3 - V1 Engineering Documentation

Early tests - LowRider 3 BETA, Speed tests - YouTube

  • Overall footprint is smaller than the LR2, but unfortunately for the same size cutting area it needs wider table, but also shorter.
  • This will require you to cut your own parts with the machine so you will have to build, cut, then disassemble a bit, to complete the assembly…Or if you have a belt printer I would love to know if that prints the strut plates well enough. There is just no economical way to ship 4’ pieces of wood, when you can cut them yourself in under an hour.
  • These pictures show wood side plates and metal XZ plates. These parts can very much be printed if you so choose.
  • It can all be above the table, so you can push it up against the wall.
  • Pretty easy to remove for storage so you can use the table or put it away.
  • DOM / SS rails no longer needed. This should offset the price increases of the kit and be easier to source.
  • Fits any rail between 23.4mm and 25.4mm.
  • As always custom sizes are easy.
  • Most rigid at the lowest position, when it is most important to be rigid (cutting the deepest). Opposite of almost every other machine.

Why only one rail?

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It looks easier to keep parallel :grinning: with one rail


So as not to over constrain. Two rails require extremely precise alignment, without fully capturing them that is even harder to do. The second reason is to keep the table usable when the CNC is not on it.


Getting ready! Roll of the required Red already mounted…


So when will you post parts yiu have 4 sale?

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Added to the first post, Printables

Infill details coming shortly, long list to work out.


what opens the files here?

Someone asked in the other thread: Why did you get rid of the “big” wheels and changed them to bearings? Won’t they “hobble” when rolling over chips?



I don’t think there is any difference other than the urethane wheels do tend to have a little give to them. Any sacrifice in bumps is worth it in Y axis accuracy. The dust shoe works very well and I have an idea for wheel brushes if needed.


Cura can open the files


Prusa slicer opens them too.

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All slicers should handle 3mf.


This would be great. I know cutting foam the dust will cling to the wheels on the lr2.

1 vote for wheel brushes.


I love it Ryan. Nice work! ESP32 based controller option please!!


Does it cut aluminum better than MPCNC Primo?

In comparison, is it more rigid? If yes, I would switch from Primo to this one and try to reuse as much parts as possible.


No. The Primo is made to cut at under 2’, the LR3 is made to cut at sizes larger than that. This is not a replacement, this is a different size class.

If you are unhappy with your Primo and how it cuts metal, making it smaller is your best option other than dialing in your settings better.

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I haven’t seen F version/25mm of print parts in Printable, do you also plan to release it ?

Can’t afford to build it yet with my wife, my young daughters, and all the work i have to do in my house but one day she will be mine. Oh, yes - she will be mine !