LowRider as a circle-cutting jig

Building a screen cover for a rain barrel, I had to rout a circular groove in the bottom to hold the lip of the barrel, and liked the idea of a circular (rather than octagonal) edge around the outside. Sure, I could have built a scrap circle jig, but where’s the fun in that?? :slight_smile:


How did you finish that? I am always worried about wood out in the rain and snow.

What, like the old plywood one it replaced, that was about to dissolve into sawdust? :slight_smile:


I hope the new one will hold up better: solid pine, exterior oil-based primer and two heavy coats of exterior spray paint. You’re right that weather takes a heavy toll on wood though so only time will tell.


That sounds like a strong finish. As long as it doesn’t scratch, it might be ok.

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I dont think any finish is permanent on exterior wood, because of expansion and contraction, but good ol’ Spar varnish is still around for a reason.
I’ve switched over to pvc for almost everything exterior that doesn’t take a load.
Sold in boards and sheets, recently more competitive with wood on price. Machines easy, finishes a little rough because open cell extrusion.
But no expansion and takes acrylics like soulmates.
** does a number on your shop. Static charged micro plastics sticking to everything, and gosh darn it, wear a mask! You’ll only make the mistake of breathing that malarkey once. (Seriously, it sucks)


Your fifth avenue lid makes your barrel sad.
New challenge: bring back barrel making with cnc?

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LOL: I have to agree that barrel is a little homely… :slight_smile:

Cool idea: after all the CNC boat and kayak projects on here, doing barrels/coopering/staves on the LowRider would fit right in!

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Late to the party here but speaking of kayaks the waterproofing method I use holds up great to the elements. Paint on 2 coats of epoxy an allow it to impregnate the wood like a stain. Follow with 2 coats of oil based spray paint and it should last 15-20 years if it doesn’t get any gouges in the finish.


Thanks very much for the tip! If that finish holds up on a kayak it’ll definitely work for anything around the house. :slight_smile: