Lowrider build from St Louis

#gobigorgohome or is it #gobigandtakeithome

Currently building a 50"x108"x7" lowrider 2. waste board is kept to a 48"x96" size. But setting it up to flatten slabs of wood or whatever fits on the bed. Offset in 1 direction to clamp things to the end of the bed or in the future to add tool change area. I am wrapping up the build this week. Still need to build the cabinets it will sit on. But saw horses are good enough for now.

Nema 17 motors
Ramps 1.4 board
LCD controller with SD card
Craftsman 1.75hp 1/2" collet router with built in LED lights.
2.5" dust collection port, still using ryans router base.

Dust collection will be finished tonight. Bolting it on. Finishing wiring tonight. Doing some tests before putting it back on the table.

Cool, Can’t wait to see it dirty!

Got a little father tonight

Careful of letting all that weight stretch your couplers.

Very true. Trial and error. Great starting point. Will keep upgrading as I need it.

When I add the 2.5" dust collection hose. It will be above the machine on a swing arm.

Router adapter and dust collection can be found here.


Getting so close. But so far away from the finish line.

That table looks great, and it looks like you’ve created some useful additional storage underneath. Given what you’ve done so far you’re a lot closer to having it run than you think.

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