Lowrider flat parts from Nebraska available

Fall/Winter 2019 Update:

12/2/19 - Now available directly from the Main shop link, still made by Dan. Great partnership!




Hi Dan,


Is a set still available? Thanks

Thank you!

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Just to confirm, the sets you are cutting can be used with the 25mm and 25.4mm kits? If so, I would be interested in a set if you have one available.


The parts are different based on which size you are going to use.

There are two sizes based on the outer diameter of the tubes you plan to use.

25.4mm is the most common size I’ve seen people use in the US along with 1in OD(24.5mm) stainless steel tubes. The standard thickness of the part stays the same which is ½” for the Y plates and ¼” for the 611 plate.

There is also a version for 25mm tubes.

Which size are you looking for?

Update: June 2019

Check the top of this thread for link to order!


I am looking for the 25mm kit.

Hi, new here, so forgive my impromptu post, I will post something more formal in the way of introductions elsewhere.

I am printing the 25.4mm parts for the Lowrider 2 on my Folgertech FT-5 R2 as I type.

I was hoping to, maybe in a few weeks, order a set of the 25.4mm flat parts as the official store is out of stock.

Would that be possible?



Of course that would be great! When you're ready you can send me $85 through PayPal to roesch.dan@gmail.com and I will get them right in the mail for you!
Thanks for reaching out!

Update: June 2019

Check the top of this thread for link to order!

outdated post

Guys ,where do I get the template to print it out?

You can a link to them on the Low Rider parts page, look for “cut parts” and then select the right size.

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I’m trying to get a set as well, but I don’t see a link above. Still available? My Maslow just wrecked yet another piece of wood and I’m over it.

Yeah the new forums will not let us use the PayPal button, so we are trying to find another way. For now you can email Dan from that page.

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I got them ordered! Thank you!

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Did you get that last email?

Edit,…nope I sent it to myself. I will resend it now.

These are available through the main shop now!

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Anyone that’s on the fence about ordering these, don’t be. I got mine FAST, and they’re flawless! Thank you Dan!