LowRider placement in shop

Allo everyone,

Starting to plan for my LowRider and I was wondering what you guys think about my current placement. Im assuming it needs clearance on both side of the X axis, correct? Im also planning on adding a router table next to my table saw.


Any suggestion? Thanks!

It needs clearance, but that could work.

Should work as long as you move your table saw fence first. I use mine as the outfeed table for my table saw too, but longways. My shop is currently long and narrow, I think something like 14 by 30 feet.

I guess the downside I see is you might want to use some of those tools while it is working, that depends on your situation though. Has me re-thinking my little setup.

maybe put wheels on the lowrider frame to move it easily?

Here is what I’d do If I had enough space to build a lowrider:

Build two tables, one is a bit bigger than a full size plywood sheet, and the other one is smaller (roughly the size of the machine).

The small one can be detached from the big one. Once you don’t need the CNC router, you can just move the lowrider to its parking position (the little table), then remove the belts, disconnect the little table from the big one and move it away.

This way you have both a big table you can work on and a full sheet CNC router for whenever you need it.

I’ve made a little sketch to help understand the idea:

[attachment file=67521]
[attachment file=67522]
[attachment file=67523]

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Double post

good idea in theory, but removing the belts sounds like a pain in the butt, unless there is some quick release gizmo I dont’ know about.

As long as one end stays on and has been squared up, the other end can very easily be removed and clamped whatever. One end should be fixed and used as a reference point.

Could any of you post a working LowRider build? I’m a visual and I need to understand where the belt goes in relation to the X and Z rails. Im not seeing it right now and would really appreciate to see where those things fall.

Im wondering if the LowRider table height is at the same height as my table saw. Could I be able to use the LowRider to be able to receive full size sheet. I think Barry said that’s what is he currently doing…

At the moment, Im thinking I will build an attachment from the table saw to the LowRider and have a location that clears the belt and such so that if I want to cut full sheets on the table saw, I wont hit anything, pushing through…

Again, thanks for all the advice, much appreciated.

ps: how do you refer to someone directly in the forum? wordpress plugin im assuming?

That is very easy to design.

You just have to remove one end, not the entire belt. :slight_smile:

I need to do that, I will try and take some pictures tomorrow.


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Let me know if you need any other angles, I’ll add them in.

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I wouldnt mind having a clearer shot of where the belts are in relation to the table.

On your table, are the top part of the unistrut leveled with the top part of the table where you do the cutting? Was there a reason for you to do that?

I’ll grab a better shot when I leave for work, but for now, the unistrut is about a half inch(ish) above the actual table top. This allows for the half inch spoil board and a small air gap of clearance below the carriage when it’s all the way down. When I tried catching my old lowrider on fire, it was because I mismeasured the height of my end mill and ran the collet a couple millimeters into the plywood I was cutting. Fun fact, you can’t really stall out a router motor by pushing the collet into plywood. This way I have one less way to burn down the barn. The plywood plates the unistrut is attached to is a seperate piece from the torsion boxes. I can remove them without moving anything else to adjust the strut if needed. I’ve actually already moved them down a half inch, and have been thinking of moving them down a little more. I just pull the strut off the plywood and cut how far down I want to move them off on the table saw, then reattach with them flush with the new cut.


Added a few photos.

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A thought I’ve been having is to mount the lowrider under the outfeed table for the table saw. When I was growing up, I had a train track mounted to plywood on wheels that rolled under my bed when I wasn’t playing with it. I was thinking something similar for the lowrider.

I don’t think having a low rider under the bed is a good idea.