Lowrider V2 For Sale in Houston, TX

Howdy all!
LR2 for sale as I’ve had the machine assembled for some time but life gets in the way and I need the space back in the garage for other hobbies. Includes everything you need to get started and was set up for a roughly 4’ x 4’ table. Only thing I’d advise is potentially get new belts depending on the table size you want to run.

SS Tubing is cut to 60" and will not be shipped but is available for local pickup if you’re in, near or will soon be in Houston (League City specifically).

Purchased Parts:
*LR2 Bundle, LR2 flat parts, LR2 printed parts, Rambo, 12V 6A PSU, Estop, touch plate, 1/8" collet for DWP611, DWP611, 1/8" endmill variety pack, SS tubing (local pickup only)

Printed Parts:
*DW611 pen holder by Tailslide, Tension block by Dan3Dmaker, Smart controller case by Allted, Rambo case by Allted, Mini-Rambo case by Allted (printed on accident)


Edit: Picture

My Brother may be interested , do you know what you are wanting to sell this for?

Replied to DM

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Still available. Looking to get $600 OBO

Bump, still available, price drop to $500+shipping.

Thanks, Matt, for agreeing to sell me the items that are described in this Lowrider 2 for sale ad, for the price of $500 plus shipping. By private message I will communicate with you regarding the logistics of payment and shipping.