Lowrider with 1.9m x 2.8m bed area

Yup that it is, doesn’t help we don’t have a post code either here in Botswana so that tends to limit options further, but if one is stubborn enough there’s usually a way.


Here’s a link for a similar one, slightly lower power but same physical spec.
600W is 2’000-13’000 rpm this one is 500W with 3’000-12’000 rpm, the spindle itself weights around 1kg



As for collets are they all the same outer size, just the aperture for the bit varies? for example if I could source a 1/8" ER11 collet like the one used on the spindles would I be able to just swap it out with the Ryobi 1/4" collet? provided the retaining nut is removable

Maybe someone with more of a mechanical mind can jump in here about the spindle.

The spindles sometimes have something like an er11 collet, and you can buy standard ones that will fit any reasonable sized bit. The router manufacturers are tricky and they don’t use standard collets. The DW611 1/8" one is from some other vendor.

I would grab the 600W version and er11 is pretty standard to replace and get other sizes.