Lowrider2 4'x8' Build in Maine

Hello, My name is Joe and I am currently building The MPCNC LowriderV2. It will be primarily for cutting 1/16" polywall that we make cover plates out of for RFID hotel locks. I have been running 3d printers for just over a year now and have no other CNC experience. I’ve never ran one or built one. I do have a general understanding of the principles and concepts of how it all works. So I’m pretty excited to learn and strengthen my knowledge.

I just want to share my progress so far:

I recieved my kit from V1 and everything was packaged perfectly. Nothing missing and nothing damaged.

I went with the RAMbo v1.4 from V1’s store as well. I will need to do some reading on this that’s for sure. Upon inspecting the board I noticed all the drivers are built right in(nice) but there are no heatsinks(not nice)? This board has been around for a bit so I assume all is well.

SS tubing is coming hopefully tomorrow from MetalsDepot precut.

I’ve got some roughcut y plates and 611 plate done but will be getting nicer ones CNC’d for me. That was a chicken or the egg conundrum. I need some cnc routered parts to make my CNC router.


For your rambo, the board is the heat sink. It’s solid, nothing to worry about.
Nice progress!

Great! Thanks for the reassurance and the compliment too!


Small update to my Lowrider2 build. I have it on a very temporary table(rails) of sorts for now as the real table is being built at a different location.

Just need to finish up the wirirng and run some movements through it.

When I ordered the kit from Ryan I included the Dual Endstops but looks like I chose Series wiring harness’ too. If I go the endstop route I will not use these series harness’ that Ryan made up as each stepper will plug into it’s own driver(RAMbo board in my case). Is this correct? Do you think it’s worthwhile just setting it up with the harnesses and holding off on the endstops until I get more used to the machine?

One more question. (2nd photo) What kind of clearance do you typically see between the Z tubes and the side of the table. I plan to add horizontal bearings to the y plates to keep the tubes off the side of the table from rubbing. Any input here?

Thanks again, This community really is a good one. Hard to come by these days!

I put the dual stops on my lowrider when I had it. Super cool to watch it square and level itself, but I’m still not convinced it was worth the trouble. It’s so easy to pull against the hard stops, which you can shim with tape, and let the tubes rest on some blocks or something the same height on each side as you power up.

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