LowRider2: 65mm mount for water-cooled spindle?

Since I am living in an apartment and I dont want to get into troubles with my neighbours I decided to buy a water cooled (china) spindle.

Now I am looking for a way to mount the spindle to the 611-Plate, but I have not found anything readily available.
The designs I found that come closest to my needs are in this post and here.
Has somebody made such a mount already and/or could point me in the right direction?
If I cannot find anything suitable I will have to design one by myself - but I am a bit lazy sometimes :grimacing: .

I also wonder if the total weight of the spindle and the 611-plate in 4mm steel is not too much for the gantry/steppers of the LowRider2 ?



I don’t know if something like this could be adapted to your needs without too many changes. Of course, if you are going to install a dust collector you will need to model the vacuum shoe, but it can be a good starting point. I understand you perfectly, I too sometimes feel lazy to model.

Don’t worry about the weight, the lowrider can handle that and more :muscle:


I am using one of these for my Makita router for multiple reasons which I won’t go into here.

It’s very tight but works. I had to make my 611 plate wider so my dust shoe would fit but without a dust shoe you might just need to drill new holes.

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That does indeed look like a good starting point.
Just trying to figure out how this mount should/could look like.

I realized that Ryan left a gap between the VacShoe and the VacDuct and I wonder what purpose it serves?

I guess the empty space under the VacShoe and VacDuct that increases its height improves the airflow into the shop vac? I am not quite sure about that.


Glad to hear that - I already was worried if I made a wrong purchase :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonder if this holder would be high enought to stabilize the spindle sufficiently on the plate? My spindle is quite high and I am afraid that this could cause it to tumble around when the gantry changes direction fast. Since this is my first CNC build I do not have experience with that - just came to my thought …

Maybe but mine is very solid. If I grab the top of my router I can flex my entire lowrider but the mount and plate are solid. You’re not going to be moving fast enough to cause flex. How tall is the spindle?

Also, I noticed you were in an apartment. Is a spindle going to really be that much quieter than a router?

I think that gap is necessary to install the Dewalt 611 mount, in this video you will see it better.

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Its 21 cm ( ~8 inches) heigh. And to me it seems pretty heavy.

According to some posts here in the forum the water cooled spindles should be very quite. In one posting a guy said that its so quite that he often cannot tell if its running or not and that is why he installed an indicator light so he can tell at once that it is on.

Ah, thanks - now I understand!

I’m not by the machine but 8" sounds about right for the size of the router so you’re not considerably larger.

The quiet spindle is interesting and if it’s true I would probably switch as well. I assume that was just then it’s running in air and not when actually cutting as the sound of cutting is quiet loud.

Glad to hear that !

Yes - as far as I understand its getting much louder when its actually cutting in material. I just want to avoid turning my neighbours against me and that is one aspect of it :stuck_out_tongue:.
I actually wonder if I could replace the mill with a laser for most of the things I am going to cut. Reckon lasers are quiter than mills.

Yes a laser would be much quieter

Noise was also one of my concerns. A CNC machine makes a lot of noise during cutting, a lot. Have you considered placing the lowrider in an enclosure? my shop is small, and I found the noise very annoying, so this was the solution for me.

You can have a look at my process.

It will also help to keep a lid on dust.

Hello Roger,

I was reading through your whole thread some days ago and found it very informative. :+1:t3:
Somehow I still hope that I can avoid building an enclosure for the machine because I would like to watch it while its working. But when its really getting too loud and too dusty I probably will build an enclosure around similar like yours.

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I am just trying to design a 65mm mount in openscad.

Since the 611-plate was already lasered in steel I wanted to keep it and design a plate above it that holds the 65mm spindle mount and the VacShoe.
The spindle mount is a remix of this one on thingiverse as @roger181078 pointed out in his post.

Not sure if the spindle should be lifted a bit in the mount like @Ryan did with his VacDuct?

I guess it serves for directing the airflow from the rotating spindle to the VacShoe!?

Maybe somebody could give me some feedback, if that design is feasable or has some grave flaws before I carry on designing the VacShoe?

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I think that is a great idea. That looks to be a great foundation to make the LR way more universal.

The only thing I see I would change is the overhang on the front hole. Make sure it is 45 degrees all the way up, and you will not need support, right now it looks like support would be needed for a little bit of it.

Thanks Ryan for your input!
I will try to make the overhang 45 degrees but probably have to improve my 3D drawing skills before :grimacing:.

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Looks great! I wouldn’t tuck it up much higher, having the collet hanging down below the 611 plate is really nice for tool changes. Also If you want to put a dust skirt on you can attach it to the bottom of the plate without losing cutting depth

Ah thanks - I forgot about the dust skirt! :+1:t3:

Just have finished the spindle mount. Its been printed out with supports because it would take me too long to get the necessary cad skills to redesign it without the steep overhangs. At least the screw holes all line up nicely :slight_smile:

The adapter for the 32mm vacuum hose was designed with reverse threads so that it can be screwed on. Just hope that it will fit because I did not receive the actual hose yet and therefore could not try it out: