Lowrider2 build in 25 minutes (Youtube)

It’s being a few month and a lot of fun putting LowRider together and making it run.
Thank you Ryan for sharing your work and letting us all be part of this community.
Here’s my build squeezed in 25 minutes:

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Nice Build! Very curious what you used to keep your vaccum hose from catching at the end of the aluminum angle and how well its working? Mine keeps snagging on the end of my angle and I have not found a good solution thus far. (I did not actually watch the 25 min vid) Any help is appreciated.

Josh, I’m not sure what you mean by vacuum hose catching at the end of the aluminum angle. I do not have problem with that, maybe due to my tube actually hanging down from the assembly and connecting to the extension which is always laying on the floor by the table.

You can maybe see some of it in this video:



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Ok I took the time to watch both videos. Your vacuum hose does not actually move at the end of the angle. It is fastened in the middle of the angle and has enough extension to reach both ends from there. Can’t believe I didn’t think to try that. Thanks for the help!