Lowrider2 build, whats next?

Hi guys, i just got the machine assembled with rambo v1.4, tested the limit switches for auto homing. its doing great!

I am newbie here for cnc:) so im here to ask whats next?

do i need to setup something like i have to connect to computer first the rambo board and configure initial settings?

When i got my ender 3, i bought is used and ready to use so i am familiar using it with just generating gcode thru cura insert SD card then print. I dont know if the first owner configure initial settings so in lowrider, is it same procedure? i mean just generate gcode(thru what software??) then insert the SD card then cut?

or if i have to configure initial settings first? may i know the procedure?

btw i use to draw in autocad

thank you guys so much in advance and ryan for this great stuff!


If you got the Rambo from Ryan it should be programmed with the correct firmware already.

If you have a TFT display, the next step might be to put the “Test Crown” code on an SD card and “air cut” to see if all the motions are right. Don’t run it through any other CAM program, just download the code and put it on the SD card. Put the card in the TFT display and run it.


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Ok thanks! Is this the crown test file for drawing by pen right?

Will post result later

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Ok im about to try the crown test. I gernerated the gcode thru estlcam, thanks for the link, i saw ryans clear instruction.

My lowrider’s control board is located at the upper right side thus endstop switches also at upper right side so home position or the 0,0 origin is ar the upper right side also.

When i play the simulation of my generated crown test file, its going to the upper right side beyond my home position. Now confused a little whether i should reversed mount the stepper plug to the board?

My setup is

left <<<< + X - >>>> right
down + Y - up
down + Z - up

You need to at least reverse the Z steppers.

But be prepared for all of your designs to be rotated 180 if you don’t also reverse the X and Y.

The “standard” way is all three of those reversed.

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Are home and origin 0,0 same? I mean when you home, that is automatically the 0 origin or you can customize where you want to put the 0,0 origin?

I was about to try crown test but the generated gcode .nc file not showing

oh wait there’s step #7, what is repetier host use? the final file should be save to SD card using that software? i created one and it has a .gco file extension. will try again later

When you home, it sets that to zero. But you can change it again after that. If you write down where it is when you set zero, you can repeat the home, move the same amount, and set it in the same place.

It is usually .gcode

got the crown test run finally but generated using estlcam via save cnc program. i wonder what for is repetier since estlcam can generate gcode already?

i interchange stepper X and Y also so the the X is my wheel axis now, so 0,0 is now located at lower left of the table. all cutting will be on the positive X and Y axis.

dont have pc yet near machine also, im using only sd card.

when i press home Y on the panel, Z moves 5mm upward, is it the default? can it be change?

but when i press home Z, it moves continously past 5mm so i have to reset machine cause it might damage it. so you guys put limit switch on Z? how? can see any pictures please!

thanks again :slight_smile:

Take a look at the software workflow to see how repetier and estlcam fit together. If you don’t have a computer connected to the machine, then you don’t need to use repetier.

It is a setting in the firmware, so you would need to recompile. I think it is something like “safe home Z” or something.

You should make sure the endstops are working first with M119. Unfortunately, you need to have a computer to read that.

Ok repetiers seems for ease of use in repeating jobs where you can also move the machine somewhere else and make it the new 0,0,0, you you can start there immediately whereas in estlcam it will always starts in your home origin.

But i tried to reposition origin without pc by simply manually touching the endstop switch so it stops at my desired position to start another job :slight_smile:

Now i am going to cut 3mm acrylic, what is the ideal feed rate.

For wood engraving like mahogany, what is the ideal feed rate also and Z steps 1mm per pass?

I will also search if it will take time before i get a reply here. Thanks again folks

Why when the gantry is at more than 300mm distance im getting error when i home x or y, it stops then error on lcd says printer halted. So i have to reset but then less than 300mm homing is fine

There’s a default bed size built into the firmware and it won’t try to home longer than that distance. You can edit the firmware to put your real bed size in and recompile, or just manually move the axis closer than 300 mm before homing.


FWIW, we moved that to 600mm in 510, I think.

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Oh ok so i have to reflashed it

Is limit switch works only with HOME command?

Because i tried to command let say move 20mm with the gantry around just 8mm away, even if it touched the limit switch already the stepper continously moving like will stop only after calculating 20mm movement so again i reset to avoid damaging it.

I thought whether you home or move the gantry, once it touch limit switch it will stop.

It is ignored except while homing.

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Hi! just another confusion.

My Z direction is going up if i move on positive side.

When homing X or Y, Z moves +5 afaik this is to protect the machine from hitting objects.

So in my machine the Z0 is its rest state, like when i turn off the machine, whatever height of Z it will freely move down until is touches the part underneath.

So now, I am creating at program for crown test in which the inside part will be engraved by 3mm depth. before i start, i home the machine so Z is +5. but when I start to engrave, Z will be back to 0 then move down to -1 to -2 till reached -3 (this is in simulation), so if i run it on my machine where Z0 is the rest position, it will move downward more beyond 0 and might damage the machine.

should i reversed plug the Z where negative dial will move it upward?