LowRider2 CNC build Australia

Not the best build out there but managed to put it together finally. Not easy with two kids :sweat_smile:

Great design, thanks Ryan!

SKR1.4 Turbo
Bigtreetech TFT24
TMC2209 Drivers
Makita Router


Pretty is only part of the job getting things done to your expectations is the big thing you can work on making a pretty machine for years. You get it done and a wonderful project under your belt. Besides the machine look great to๐Ÿ˜€

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It looks great to me! Did you design the electronics and tft boxes?


Two seperate designs from thingiverse and I merged them together :slight_smile:


Also an Aussie Builderโ€ฆ Located in Sydney.
Built a LR2 with folding table.